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This course provide an orientation towards IIT-JEE and Pre-Medical exams to Class-IX & X students who have decided to make their career in Engineering/Medical field without affecting their regular school curriculum. This course will also provide training for NTSE/STSE etc. Advance study of certain topics of Class-IX & X, which build solid foundation in IIT-JEE/Pre-Medical exams preparation


Best suitable course for IIT-JEE/Pre-medical exams aspirants because of the longest time availability (Divided in Two Academic Sessions). Solid foundation of basic concepts in all the subjects and focus on conceptual development and developing quick analytical thinking & systematic problem solving skills the main feature of this course.

Nearly all entrance exams are having a combined syllabus of XI and XII class. Therefore it becomes very essential to have a reasonably sound base of class XI. It is an opportunity to develop solid foundation and right examination temperament from Class XI. This program covers each topic extensively with tests & discussion at regular intervals.


In this course the entire JEE/Pre-Medical exams syllabus is taught. This course also covers the whole class XII syllabus thoroughly. This course is supported by printed study material of the entire syllabus along with weekly test of each subject. It will be proved helpful if you are intelligent, hard working & ambitious student. The students of this course shall have the opportunity of appearing in a well structured Test Series, conducted by the Institute to maintain the momentum of their IIT-JEE/PMT preparation. In this way students will get an opportunity to appraise their performance with the other students.

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